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About BMP

Okuma CNC Lathe  B Machine Products has served the region since 1974, producing metal and plastic parts for a variety of industries.  Our customers have ranged from small companies to industrial giants and from local clients to those situated as far away as Texas and California.

Our leading interest is small-to-medium lot production of parts used in  manufacturing and maintenance.  Our specialities are CNC turning and
CNC milling.  Our pricing is competitive and we guarantee our workmanship.

 A service we offer is stocking customer parts on our shelves for releasse as  needed, usually weekly or monthly.  This has worked well with some of our most  demanding Fortune 100 customers.

 Quality is always an issue to us. We require inspection on every job we do. We instruct all employees to make parts that they would proudly sign their name to and place on a retail store shelf for all their friends to see.  All parts are professionally deburred.

B Machine is continually updating equipment and techniques.  Recent acquisitions include a Fadal Vertical Machining Center, VMC-4020 with 4th axis rotary table, high pressure thru spindle coolant, 40" X travel, 20" Y travel, 28" Z travel, 21 station tool changer, 15 HP high torque motor, and 10,000 RPM spindle; a 15" x 50" engine lathe with digital readouts for precision turning work; and a W.F. Wells bandsaw with 9 x 18 work envelope and auto-feed capability.

Management techniques earned us the Blue Chip Enterprise award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Nation's Business, and Connecticut Mutual.   A picture of it is to the right.  It stands nearly 15" high & weighs almost 12#. 

Blue Chip Award

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Our Mission

B Machine Products is dedicated to using modern methods that help us achieve the highest standards of product quality, workmanship, and customer service.  Our goal is to provide our customers with superior quality machined products.

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Quality Statement

B Machine Products, Inc. is dedicated to achieving continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.  We strive to provide the finest materials, workmanship, and  service available in a timely manner to assure our customers are completely satisfied.

We feel that each employee must believe in the principle of quality attainment and that all individual employees are equally responsible for reaching our quality goals.  Our policy is based upon the belief that customer satisfaction is our most important objective.

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BMP is a Woman-Owned & Managed Company

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